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Creator: Amanda Silver

Director: Niki Caro


The background music! 😍. Tá faltando o Brasil 😫😭🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷.



Since Disney released the first trailer for this, I've been excited. However, I find that the one thing people are seeming to forget is that Mulan was a real person with a real story/legend in ancient Chinese history. Ever since I was young, I've always loved the original story and am hoping that this movie will be telling that story rather than simply being a spin-off of the first. Considering it looks like Mulan has a sister and the names of the characters are accurate to the original legend, it looks like it will be and I can't wait. Yes, we're all going to miss Mushu, but in the end, he belongs to a different version of the story which heavily deviates from its original source material, much like many other Disney properties like Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. I'm looking forward to seeing Disney actually use the direct source material as it was intended. I can't wait to see this in theaters.

Yasss honestly I think i gonna love this movie. This is Disney trying to impress China, the origin of the Ballad of Mulan. Rest of the world: WHERE THE HELL IS MUSHU. Tweets de @Villedemoulins --> #moulins Moulins sur les réseaux sociaux + Menu Que faire à Moulins Que faire à Moulins Magazine de la Ville Application mobile Ma ville Ma ville Horaires et contacts des services Démarches Affaires diverses Carte d'identité - passeport Décès Demande d'actes Elections Naissances - mariages Urbanisme et service des eaux Autorisations d'urbanisme Plan Local d'Urbanisme Occupation du domaine public Service des eaux Vie politique Les élus Les séances du conseil municipal Vie associative Annuaire des clubs et associations Formulaire de modification des coordonnées Les salles disponibles Vie quotidienne Accessibilité Logement Transport Stationnement Sport et culture A ciel ouvert Installations sportives Installations culturelles Les marchés hebdomadaires Nos jumelages Bad Vilbel Montepulciano Le Casabianca Grand Bassam Recrutement Patrimoine Patrimoine Ville d'art et d'histoire Un peu d'histoire Le bourbonnais Un patrimoine riche Carte ambassadeur Visites de la ville et ateliers Les autres sites culturels Centre National du Costume de Scène Musée de la Visitation Musée de l'Illustration Jeunesse Musée Anne de Beaujeu Musée du bâtiment Maison Mantin Triptyque du Maitre de Moulins Votre séjour à Moulins Moteur collections Education & Jeunesse Education & Jeunesse Ecoles maternelles et élémentaires Les établissements scolaires Inscriptions Temps d'Activités Périscolaires Accueils périscolaires Restaurants scolaires Activités scolaires Règlement intérieur Accueil de Loisirs 3/13 ans La structure Inscriptions Accueil de Jeunes 14/17 ans Collèges, Lycées, Post-bac Collèges - Lycées Post Bac Point Information Jeunesse Permis Jeune Cadre de vie, Environnement Cadre de vie, Environnement Environnement et espaces verts Espaces verts Chaufferie Eclairage public Prévention du bruit Préservation de l'environnement Propreté Propreté urbaine Ramassage des ordures ménagères et déchèteries Enlèvement des graffitis Toutounets L'AVAP Urbanisme Dispositif d'aides en faveur de l'habitat DICRIM Familles Services aux familles Petite Enfance Maison de l'enfance et de la famille Etablissements d'accueil du jeune enfant Lieux d'accueil enfants-parents Relais assistantes maternelles Actions de soutien à la Parentalité Pôle Seniors Animations et ateliers Actualités REPID Services au quotidien Pôle Handicapés Pôle Social Actions humaines à la une > toute l'actualité Votre magazine Mars 2020 en savoir + Coronavirus Moulins protège ses enfants Mutuelle communale Agenda des permanences Démarches Newsletter Associations Billetterie Théâtre Plan écrire au maire que faire à Moulins? > tout l'agenda KIOSQUE Magazine de la Ville D'une rive à l'autre Mars 2020 / N°265 Télécharger > toutes les publications Liens Le centre national du costume de scène En savoir + Moulins Communauté Office de Tourisme Moulins Habitat SICTOM Nord Allier Moulins DANS MA POCHE + de 2000 téléchargements et vous? Découvrir l'appli.

Why do they have to remake everything? Ive watched more than 10 Mulan based movies through my life including the Disney version. I dont mind watching yet another version (I love Disney movies) but there are so many great stories out there that havent been made into a movie yet. Gong Li is the witch. Love how they were kind enough to speak english for us back in ancient china 😅😅😅. “im glad there making this more historically accurate” sees men running up the great wall. Can't wait to hear renew version of reflection.

Aurora descended from heaven to share the voice of Angel's, she truly captures the spirit of freedom in her song's & defines the genre🤩. Okay but falcon and the winter soldier. heck yeah.


I would definitely watch this movie just to see how Mulan cuts her hair with a sword in one freaking stroke. One of the many scenes from Mulan that gave me goosebumps. In my lesson also the story of mulan for 10 std English subject Tamil nadu. I honestly want to know who the hell is the composer is for the trailer song, I know the original composer but this almost sounds like some Hanz Zimmer style of the original version. I cant even find it online hah.

Im super excited for this movie, but I have to be honest. The cartoon Mulan and this Mulan are way too different and should be considered different movies. I get this is more accurate and thats awesome, but I need my Mushu and my lets get down to business for it to be Mulan. Grandma: you should have brought home a man Shang walks in Grandma: sign me up for the next war This 80 year old grandma who already has a husband wants a young hot man AND wants to go to war. Again probably 80 years old That is ICONIC.

Where is mushu.
Movie directors: do you want us to 1. remove sheng 2. remove mushu ( but still have a woman who turns into a bird) 3. give you a sister Mulan: Yes.
I just read that there's no Shang in this movie. I've never felt more dissapointed in my life Edit: listen listen I just read (again) that there's a possible love interest for Mulan BUT IT'S NOT LI SHANG. Now I'm angry.
This movie makes forgot about the coronavirus is china, Mulan looks sooooo COOL!💖💖💖 (Pray for China.

Avengers: Here we go for a long Vacation. Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + National Geographic : Lets Ruin there Vacation. OMG WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY FOREVER? 😂😂😂😂.

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Mulan' at Dailymotion Download MULAN Megashare Watch Online Youtube… at"Dailymotion"Mulan full movie watch for free…. This score slaps! I hope Disney releases this in the score soundtrack. Disney: Dragons and crickets aren't real so Mushu and Cri-kee will not be in the new Mulan. Also Disney: Shape shifting witches are real and will be in the new Mulan.

I'm here because Aurora, she is should be the main singer. The Spanish singer is pretty. Qui kiffe quand la mamie dit criquet. The witch: you will die pretending something you are not. then turns into a falcon.

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