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Geoffrey Rogers / Runtime 1 h 55minute / star Brook Susan Parker / Ratings 6,9 / 10 Star / release date 2020. Blind Eyes Opened movies.


Movie blind eyes opened. Blind eyes opened movie times. Blind Eyes Opened movie page. Blind eyes opened movie review. Blind eyes opened movie locations. Blind eyes open movie. Blind eyes opened full movie. Blind eyes open movie fathom events. Blind eyes open movie rating. Moving Documentary, 'BLIND EYES OPENED' Comes to Movie Theaters for One-Night Only Event on January 23, 2020 First-of-a-Kind Documentary Exposes Sex Trafficking Industry in America; Highlights Power of Gospel to Help End Modern Day Slavery NEWS PROVIDED BY Icon Media Group Oct. 16, 2019 TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 16, 2019 / Christian Newswire / -- There are more than 4. 8 million people being sexually exploited worldwide, and more than one million of these are children ( International Labour Organization). According to a recent report by the US State Department, the United States is one of the leading consumers of sex trafficking, as well as leading country of origin for victims. On January 23, 2020, Ships of Tarshish will present BLIND EYES OPENED: The Truth About Sex Trafficking in America, a first-of-its-kind look at the dark roots of sex trafficking, in a one-night-only cinema event. "Once you've learned how to recognize human trafficking, you begin to see it everywhere – it's in every single community, " said Executive Producer of BLIND EYES OPENED and CEO US Institute Against Human Trafficking, Geoffrey Rogers. Six years in the making, BLIND EYES OPENED is a feature-length documentary exploring the growing epidemic of modern-day slavery, the industries feeding as well as fighting it, and the shocking scope of its infiltration into every segment of the U. S. population. Contrasting the darkness, however, the film reveals the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring healing for victims and freedom to the captives. BLIND EYES OPENED will release in nearly 800 movie theaters nationwide on January 23 at 7:00 p. m. local time. For tickets and a complete list of theater locations, visit. BLIND EYES OPENED features multiple stories of survivors whose journeys with trafficking began when they were small children, many whose parents served as pimps. From runaways and children in the foster care system, to average middle-school girls being recruited under the noses of adults, trafficking of children in the United States has reached epic proportions and concerned parents cannot afford to turn a blind eye. "They stole my purity, my childhood; the joy you're supposed to have as a child, " one victim, Edie, remembers. "There were lots of opportunities for people to see, but they looked the other way. " BLIND EYES OPENED also makes the direct connection between trafficking and the commercial sex industry (strip clubs, escort services, pornography) which fuels demand, as well as the abortion industry where frequent abortions enable girls to be used frequently, covering evidence of abuse. Additional Child Trafficking Statistics: The average age a child first becomes a victim of sex trafficking is between 12-14 (U. Department of Justice) 84% of those in sex slavery were sexually abused as children (World Without Exploitation) The only hope for ending this crisis, says dozens of experts, survivors, government leaders and non-profit ministries featured in BLIND EYES OPENED, is a commitment from the church to intercede and intervene in the world of trafficking. This happens when efforts are made to end the "demand" by tackling the issue of pornography; reducing the "supply" by strengthening families, engaging in the foster care system, and ministering to sex trade workers; and aiding in restoration of victims by supporting recovery efforts and ministries. "We absolutely need the church to engage in this crucial battle; but first, followers of Christ have to allow themselves to see the problem, and that's what this movie aims to do, " said Executive Producer and Writer of BLIND EYES OPENED, Kerri Rogers. "If we're going to truly overcome the evil of sex trafficking, hearts have to change; and this only happens through the love of Christ. " About Ships of Tarshish Ships of Tarshish, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization established in 2011, and aims to produce high-quality Christian programming that is relevant, exciting and entertaining to watch, showing everyday Christians releasing the Power of God by fulfilling the Great Commission. For more information visit. SOURCE Icon Media Group CONTACT: Paige Collins, 615-934-4162, Related Links.

Michael Foust Contributor 2020 17 Jan COMMENTS Rebekah is an American teenage girl with low esteem. She’s been raped. She’s lost friends. She doesn’t get along with her parents. So, at age 16, she moves out of her parents’ home and starts doing drugs. At age 17 and needing cash, she starts working at a strip club. From there, she meets a handsome man who promises her a place to live and plenty of love. He has a 5, 000-square-foot home. He has secretaries who answer his phone. “He made me feel special, and wanted, and loved – which is what I missed, ” she says. Soon, though, Rebekah is caught up in the underground world of sex trafficking. She is forced into prostitution. The film Blind Eyes Opened – in theaters for one night only, Jan. 23 – tells the story of Rebekah and others like her in what has been dubbed a “first-of-its-kind Christian documentary. ” The film interviews law enforcement officials, lawmakers, trafficking experts and ministry leaders as it exposes a dark underground industry – sex trafficking – that is closer to your city than you might think. It’s one of the best films on the subject and one of the most gripping, too. Here are three things you’ll learn: Photo courtesy: Fathom 1. It’s Happening in your Area The film takes us to several cities – including Tampa, Atlanta and Nashville – where sex trafficking is common. “It’s in every single community, ” an expert on the subject says. Although human trafficking can involve forced labor or involuntary servitude, the film focuses on the most popular form of trafficking in the U. S. : sex trafficking. “Most people think of it as an overseas problem. But the reality is we have a major, major issue here in America inside of our own borders – with our own kids, ” the film’s executive producer, Geoffrey Rogers, told Crosswalk. “We would estimate over 100, 000 kids in America are being trafficked for sex every single day here in our own country. ” The film includes interviews with those who were caught in the web of sex trafficking but escaped. One girl was trafficked at age 12. Most felt they had no choice, and few were raised in a loving, intact family. Most victims, in fact, were sexually abused as children. One girl in the film was trafficked by her father. Traffickers find their victims on social media but also in public places like malls. Other times, traffickers discover their victims in the commercial sex industry, whether in strip clubs or prostitution rings. Photo courtesy: Fathom 2. It Involves Teens Who Have No Hope Most victims of sex trafficking are girls, although 10-15 percent are boys. It’s estimated that one girl can net her boss between $200, 000 and $300, 000 per year. The average sex trafficking victim got into the system between the ages of 12 and 14. Some are runaways. Others grew up in the foster system. “Around 60 percent of kids that are trafficked in America come out of the foster care system, ” Rogers told Crosswalk. “These are U. -born kids, and they're being trafficked by U. citizens and being purchased by U. citizens. The foster care system is the main feeder. ” Traffickers are looking for girls with low self-esteem. “Because she's been growing up in an environment where she didn't have the best loving environment, she doesn't really even understand what true love is. She falls for this guy, head over heels. And he will groom her for six to nine months. And after a certain period of time, he'll flip a switch and say, ‘OK, now you work for me. ’” By then, many of the girls have developed an emotional bond based on trauma (Stockholm syndrome) or they’re addicted to drugs – and they don’t want to run away. Photo courtesy: Fathom 3. It’s Driven by the Porn Industry One of the most popular porn websites in the U. amassed 28 billion visits last year. Many women in the videos were victims of sex trafficking. This means, Rogers said, that porn users are feeding the sex trafficking industry without even knowing it. “We identify pornography as the No. 1 fueling factor to sex trafficking in America, ” Rogers said. It’s estimated that “over half of women involved in sex trafficking” are also forced into pornography, he said. Even worse, some of these porn addicts “then want to begin to actualize what they've been visualizing, ” he said. Blind Eyes Opened is a sobering must-see for Christians who want to know the truth about sex trafficking in the U. – and who want to help fight it. It’s not for children, but for older family members, it sheds light on a subject that too often is swept under America’s social rugs. Learn more at Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Visit his blog,. Photo courtesy: Fathom Michael Foust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have appeared in Baptist Press, Christianity Today, The Christian Post, The Leaf-Chronicle, the Toronto Star and the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

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You know the type of story: Somebody gets a new apartment or a new job, and finds a list of weird "rules" to follow. "If someone knocks at 3:11 A. M., meow like a cat but don't answer. " "If the copier starts when nobody's in the copy room, go to the break room for ten minutes. " They break the rules, and awful things happen. One afternoon in my room, Bryan and I were showing each other our favorites on Reddit. He started making up rules for our dorm, Millard Hall. "If you see someone picking their nose, " he said, "chant, 'Snot, Snot, Thanks a lot! ' or you'll get their booger in your nose tomorrow. " I laughed and tried one. "If you penny the door of room 307"—my room—"only use pennies dated 2002. " "Or what? " "Umm… You'll fall asleep in your next test! " The fun of "lists of rules" stories is the weird consequences of breaking the rules. We started trying to think of scarier outcomes, and from there to scarier-sounding rules. Pretty soon Bryan started writing them down. He intended to post them in the lobby as a joke. It was me who suggested slipping them under the doors of freshmen. We were both Resident Assistants: He was RA for second floor north, I was RA for third floor south. So we had an excuse to roam the halls any time of night, and we had lists of which residents were freshmen. Double-plus-uncool behavior for RAs, obviously. But I only intended it as a joke. Over the next couple of days, I kept having to stifle giggles in class, as new rules popped into my head. After class Bryan and I compared notes, culling out the duds. Sometimes we didn't agree. He really wanted a classic "If someone knocks... " rule, and I flatly refused, bored with them. We hammered out a final list: rules only, consequences left to the imagination. This is part of it, the ones that became important: Diet Pepsi At the Pepsi machine in the lobby, NEVER get a Diet Pepsi right after a Diet Mountain Dew. If you're not sure what the last can bought was, buy a Mug root beer first -- That's always safe. Howler If somebody starts howling in the courtyard at about 2-3 a. m. on a Friday night (Saturday morning) don't turn on any lights. You can look out the window, but don't even turn on your phone or a flashlight. They're watching for lights -- They find your room by counting windows. Oven Pizza Don't use the oven to reheat anything from Patsy's Pizza, not even sandwiches. Use the microwave -- Even if it makes the crust soggy. Water Fountain Don't drink from the lobby water fountain whilst there's sunlight on the thumb button -- This only happens near the winter solstice, early morning. Dollar Bill If you find a brand-new dollar bill tacked to your door, Series 2003A, serial number starting with J804, you can take it -- But spend it OFF-CAMPUS. DON'T put it in the lobby bill-changer. Dropping in a church collection plate might be lucky. Movie Poster Sometimes a poster appears on the lobby bulletin board, always on GREEN PAPER -- "Free movie in Chalfont Auditorium, Tuesday at 7:30. " Ignore them -- They go away by morning. DON'T go to Chalfont Tuesday evening. Pay Phone The pay phone off the lobby hasn't been connected for years. But it still rings occasionally -- Don't answer it. Orange Rules Sometimes rules like this appear, printed on HEAVY ORANGE PAPER. If you get one of those, for the love of God DON'T follow the "Room 307" or "Blue Bathroom" rules. I formatted them as a little tri-fold pamphlet and printed off about forty on plain white paper. One night we slipped about twenty under the doors of freshman-only rooms on various floors. The next day I kind of held my breath. But nobody said anything, and we spread about fifteen more that night. The second morning I saw a kid in the lobby with one of our pamphlets. He stopped Stella Palecki, RA for 3 North, and showed it to her. She read it through; I saw a couple of quickly-suppressed grins. She looked up and said deadpan, "Yah? So? " "So are these for real? " "Can't say. They just show up. But the last time somebody broke one, we never saw him again. " The kid left so wide-eyed he looked like a seventh-grader. Stella walked the other way, grinning to herself. I hadn't counted on another RA playing along, but it tickled me. I printed off another twenty or so, and a couple of nights later we spread them to rooms where a freshman and an upper-classman shared. People were talking a lot about them, and texting photos of them to each other. At the lobby Pepsi machine I heard one girl shout at another, "Hey! Buy a Mug first! " People walked faster past the disconnected pay phone, and checked the sunlight before drinking at the fountain. A Post-It appeared on the Pepsi machine that said, STICK ME ON THE LAST BUTTON PRESSED. Twice I saw somebody shift it to the Diet Mountain Dew button, just to be a dick. Bryan said somebody'd given him free root beer, not once but twice, because they didn't want to take a chance. Shawn Brown, RA for 2 South, caught me in the hall one day. "Beth, have you seen these? " I looked at the pamphlet he handed me. Obviously much handled, with penciled notes here and there; "I've heard of 'em, haven't seen one yet. Hey, that's my room number! " I pointed at "Orange Rules". "What an asshole. " "Yeah. Well, Mom Franks"—Millard's dorm mother—"said to keep an eye out for whoever's passing these out. There's a couple of people pretty upset about them. " I felt a twinge of guilt (I remember how stressful freshman year was) and more than a twinge of nerves. This really wasn't good behavior for an RA, maybe even enough to get me or Bryan kicked out. A few people, skeptics and attention-seekers, were deliberately flaunting the rules. Bob Wester hung a Patsy's Pizza box on the oven door, and when a freshman ran in the kitchen all frantic about the rules, Bob's roommate slammed a textbook on a table right behind him. The freshman nearly peed himself. Rosie Crowell, RA for 1 North, made a point of waiting until somebody bought a Diet Dew before she'd buy her Diet Pepsi. Just plain annoyed at how many people took the rules seriously, she was trying to debunk them. And the next two Friday nights, well after midnight, some joker in the courtyard howled, "Aahh- wooooo! " loud enough to wake people. Having a courtyard window myself, I began to wish we'd skipped that particular rule. As nervous as I'd gotten, though, I wasn't done. I printed a poster for a 20th-anniversary showing of The Matrix, on green paper left from a high-school art project (I had about fifteen sheets of orange paper, too). When I snuck it onto the lobby bulletin board, freshmen who'd been settling down freaked all over again. I prepared a second version of the rules: different font, altered formatting, and two new rules: Blue Bathroom - If your suite bathroom suddenly has blue walls one day, prick your finger and spread a drop of blood around the rim of the sink - The bathroom will change back overnight. If you don't, either you or a suite mate will die within a month. Room 307 - If you penny the door of room 307 with pennies dated 2002, you will come into money within a week - at least $125. I finished off my orange paper printing these, but I didn't slip them under doors. Instead I kind of dropped them here and there: lying on the stairs, in the kitchen microwave, tucked between lobby couch cushions. Soon people were arguing about them. I got a big kick out of threatening doom to whoever put my room number in the rules. I did more random hall prowls at odd hours, "looking" for the perpetrators. It was perfect camouflage for my guilty secret. Even better: Someone really did penny my door! If you've never lived in a dorm, know that the room doors open inward. Take two pennies (or three, depending on the door's fit), slide them up to the gap between the door and the metal frame right above the knob, then hammer them into the gap. Pressure on the door latch makes it nearly impossible to turn the knob or, if the door's locked, to draw the deadbolt. In the middle of the night I heard two hard whams on my door; pretty common when people get rowdy. But in the morning I couldn't open my door. I called Bryan, who came across to check. "Yeah, it's pennies. And they're hammered right in there, not gonna be prying them out. " Well, for some students, especially women, that might have been a problem. But I keep a small tool kit, so it only took me a couple of minutes to knock the hinge pins out. Bryan shoved the entire door into my room a few inches. I heard the dull tink of pennies falling, and murmuring from women who'd gathered. "Yeah, they're 2002, " Bryan said. "2002-D. " I heard gasps of fear. Bryan helped me wrestle the heavy door back onto its hinges. "So we just watch for whoever gets a chunk of cash all of a sudden, " I said, "and they can pay the school fine. " I glared at the gathered women. "This's a safety violation, not just a prank. What if there'd been a fire and I couldn't get my door open? " Not really a big concern, the walls and floors are all concrete, but I wanted to keep up my annoyed facade. "But that's an orange rule! " a red-haired freshman protested. "You aren't supposed to follow them! " "Something bad's gonna happen to them! " another girl said. "Serves 'em right, " I grumped, winking at Bryan. I had one more escalation waiting. The "Dollar Bill" description wasn't random: I had about twenty like that, left from forty my dad had given me as a kid, to buy snacks while at church camp. I'd loved the crisp new bills so well I'd avoided spending them. Now I dedicated four to the cause, tacking them to the doors of people who'd been skeptical, like Rosie Crowell and a freshman named Celia. By the next afternoon, everybody in the dorm had seen one. Celia, a plump pretty Hispanic girl, was amused, but Rosie was distinctly rattled. "You can't just run to the ATM and get brand-new sixteen-year-old bills, " she pointed out. She said she'd take hers to church. But Rosie continued to call the rules a prank. So when her Diet Pepsi tried to kill her, it scared the shit out of me. She'd made a point, again, of waiting until somebody bought a Diet Dew before getting her DP, and she'd nearly made herself late for class. So she popped the can, chugged it down, and tossed it in the recycle bin before heading out the door. From my seat in the lobby I heard screaming. Running to the door, I saw Rosie bent over. She'd dropped her pack and sat down cradling her hands, which looked swollen and red. By the time I got down the steps, her fingernails were spurting blood. She was scraping her Nikes on the sidewalk. I bent and unfastened them. I could barely pull the shoes off, her feet were so swollen; her half socks were already sodden red. People were dialing 911. Rosie passed out before the ambulance arrived. Later we heard she got transfusions and drugs to lower her blood pressure. Stella Palecki called Bryan, because I was hysterical. Bryan found me sitting on the blood-spattered sidewalk, one Nike still beside me. I kept crying, "They're not real! They're all fake! " Fortunately, I didn't say, "We made them up, " or some such; I came across as disbelieving, not guilty. Bryan hustled me up to my room, and I told him what had happened. He took it a lot better than I did, even though at this point we still didn't know but what Rosie bled out in the ambulance. "What'd I do? " I kept asking him. "What'd I do? " "You didn't do nothing, " he said. "Hush up. It's not your fault. " I let myself be soothed, that time. But it was hard to convince myself of that when Celia Flores lost three fingers feeding one of my dollar bills to the snack machine. She wanted a cinnamon roll, so she fed in two dollars. Four people nearby said when the second bill sucked in, the machine attacked her. They all told it differently, but it came to this: The panel with the coin slot and push buttons opened up and grabbed her right arm. She tried to pull loose, and it closed on her fingers, chopping off all but her index finger and thumb. Three of them said the machine growled. Two said they heard weird music from it. Two said the room lights dimmed and turned blue. That afternoon I wrapped the rest of my 2003 dollar bills in the rest of my green paper, stuck them in an envelope, and mailed them home. I deleted all the rules files off my laptop, then ran an app to scrub deleted files. I didn't get Bryan's reaction. He was shocked at Celia's injury, but at the same time he seemed excited. We'd dated for over a year, but I began to wonder about him. Friday night I was in Bryan's room working on Psychology when a freshman, all upset, knocked at the open door. Oh, shit, I thought; what now? But he was asking if Bryan could help his roommate with a scholarship problem. "There's a whole office for that in Admin, " Bryan said. "But they're gonna kick him out—he's gotta find three thousand dollars this week! " "Huh? Slow down, what's wrong? " The roommate, Mark, had lost a state scholarship, from misreporting something on his application. But the money was already paid to the school for this semester. Now the state wanted their money back, and the dumb kid was about to get kicked out. Bryan asked an obvious question. "Why are you coming to me? " "Mark's too freaked out. He broke a rule! " I froze, but Bryan burst out laughing. " Mark pennied room 307! Didn't he? " The kid looked guiltily at me, obviously knowing who I was. "Yeah, " he admitted. "And a week later he gets a letter from the state. " He was almost sniffling. "I told him it was an orange rule! " Bryan wasn't just excited, now; he was absolutely hilarious. He chased off the freshman and took one of our original pamphlets off his desk (nothing incriminating; as RAs we'd both collected them). He went down the list, checking some rules, crossing out others, putting a question marks on a couple. "Nah, that's bullshit, " he muttered; "that one; maybe that one? " I jerked the list away. "What's wrong with you? People are getting hurt! Rosie lost her fingernails; Celia lost fingers! Don't you care? " "Yeah, I care, but it's not your fault, so don't get flaky. " I couldn't stand him in that mood. I went back to my room to sleep alone. I woke to the most blood-chilling sound I've ever heard. It was a howl, but way more than that. It went up and down like a yowling cat; it growled and screamed and hooted and wailed. It echoed in the courtyard like the ambulance that had carried off Celia, but I could tell it was a single voice. It wasn't human, but at the same time no one animal should have made all those noises. I knew I should go to the window, try to see who it was—the courtyard's brightly lit—but that horrible howl froze me to my bed. I pulled a blanket over my head and shivered. Then bounced right in the air when somebody pounded on my door. "Beth! Beth! Wake up! " I kicked off the covers and grabbed my phone: 3:07 Saturday. Oh, shit. The girl at the door was a freshman named Carla, half frantic, in T-shirt and panties. "Rayma turned on the light! I told her not to, but she opened the window and called whatever it was an asshole! " I tried to reassure her, but I was too damn scared to be convincing. "Can I stay in your room? I can't stay there! " So I let her sleep on my spare bed, wrapped in my giant bath towel. After the sun came up we went to her room. Rayma, a junior, was gone. I said, "She probably went to breakfast early, " but Carla said Rayma always slept late on weekends. She didn't show up that day, or the next; she hasn't been seen since. I should have made Carla bring Rayma to my room, too. Bryan and I weren't speaking any more. If I'd thought there was anything anybody could do, I'd have confessed to Mom Franks. But there was no explanation for what was happening. We'd made up completely bogus rules, and now people were disappearing and being hurt. But Bryan still acted like it was all a joke. I'd thoughtlessly carried off the list of rules he'd marked up, the one I'd snatched from him. He'd checked or put a question mark on several; they're the ones I listed at the beginning. By now, I'd seen or heard of most of them affecting somebody. Then the rules came after me. The Tuesday morning after Rayma disappeared, I shuffled into the bathroom for my shower. Millard Hall used to be men-only, with big communal bathrooms, then was remodeled into suites, each with two double bedrooms and a shared bath. But the RA rooms, next to the stairs, have just one bedroom and a tiny bathroom. I turned on the shower, grabbed my hairbrush, and started yanking my hair around, waiting for the water to warm up. Looking in the mirror, I realized the wall beside me was blue. The walls in Millard are all a dirty white, the kind that never looks clean. The shower and the cabinets still were. But the concrete-block walls were a pale, powdery blue. I shot out of the bathroom like a spitwad from a straw. The pocket of my robe caught on the doorknob and ripped open. I stood shaking in the middle of my room, trying to remember if I'd seen the walls last night, if anybody could have been in my room. Well, Mom Franks could have been; she had a master key. But the RAs don't get them; if there's a bad problem we have to get her. I sniffed the air. Paint smell lasts for days, and my room smelled just like always. Oh, god, were blue walls an orange rule or not? I couldn't remember. I pulled out the pamphlets I'd collected. "Blue Bathroom": an orange rule. The white rules said to ignore the orange rules, but "Blue Bathroom" said if I didn't do the right thing, "either you or a suite mate will die within a month. " As an RA, I didn't have any suite mates. If it hadn't been for Mark and his lost scholarship, I might have broken down and bloodied my sink. Bless you, Mark, you poor dumbass. I shuddered at a sudden recollection: Just after I printed the orange rules, I imagined it would be hilarious if an orange rule said, "Don't obey the white-paper rules Oven Pizza or Water Fountain. " If I'd actually included that, I wouldn't know which rules to trust, Mark or no Mark. Wednesday morning my bathroom was dirty white again, and I cried with relief. But Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were rough in Millard Hall. Everybody, freshman to seniors, had shared copies of the rules on their phones, and everybody checked them frequently. When the disconnected pay phone rang Wednesday evening, a girl in the hall screamed and a guy in the lobby fainted. Thursday somebody visiting from Gartner Hall made the mistake of answering the pay phone; whatever he heard made him beat his ear to a bloody pulp with the handset, until he knocked himself out. Some jerk got caught shuffling the Post-It on the Pepsi machine, and a girl knocked him right out with a Calculus textbook. A dozen people saw her do it, but nobody "recognized" who it was. Somebody clogged the spout of the water fountain with superglue. Bob Wester's roommate rewarmed a Patsy's cheese pizza in the kitchen oven, took one bite, then started throwing up blood and huge earthworms. And Friday afternoon somebody else got a bad Diet Pepsi, and was taken away, blood gushing from his hands and feet. Just after midnight on Friday I was startled awake by knocking. "Shit! " I did not want to hear what was wrong now. I jerked open the door, and there stood Bryan, my ex-boyfriend. "What are you doing here? " Though the dorms are coed, we aren't supposed to have opposite-sex visitors in our rooms overnight. I mostly turn a blind eye to discreet overnights, but for RAs the rule is especially important, since we get called out at any hour. He pushed his way in like I'd invited him. "Somebody's gonna talk to you soon, " he said. "You've got to say the right thing. " "Oh, shit, did Admin find out about us? " I pulled on jeans and a flannel shirt, not wanting to talk to him in panties and tee. "Nobody in the school has a damn clue. I'm talking about the Circle. They're witches, a gang of witches. " I laughed out loud. "Witches! " "You're not from around here. You wouldn't laugh if you were. " It's true; a lot of the local kids believe in all sorts of weird shit. They say in the '70s a kid was killed right outside Millard Hall, taken right off the street by a monster from the bird sanctuary. "So, what, some Wiccans did all this shit with our rules? " "Wicca is bullshit for kids. These are real witches, hill magic that really works. And I'm trying to join them. " "You? You're gonna be a warlock? " "Warlock's an insult. I'll be—I am a witch. And this is, like, kind of an audition for the Circle. I mean, at first it was a joke, but then I decided I could use them. " I just looked confused. "I did it, " Bryan said. "I made a spell, that made our rules work, to show the Circle I could. " He pointed a finger at me. "Somebody from the Circle's gonna find you in the next few days. You can tell them—" Live in dorms long enough, you learn to scream in a whisper. " You shithead! Do you know how many people you've hurt? " "That's part of it. Witches can't be bound by human rules. " I raved at him, keeping my voice low to not wake my neighbors. He just laughed off my fury and insisted I tell the Circle how he and I made up the rules between us. I raved some more; even without raising my voice I was getting hoarse. Then my fear of waking people came to squat, because some drunk bitch came upstairs yelling and slamming doors. Bryan wouldn't leave after that, afraid he'd get caught, but I made him use the spare bed. "You're not ever touching me again, " I said. I didn't even undress to sleep. I spent a long time lying awake, angry and scared and wondering if Bryan was just nuts. Witchcraft couldn't be real, but how else could joke rules make people lose fingers and barf worms and disappear in the night? I finally dozed; that godawful hooting wailing howl in the courtyard woke me up. "No lights! " I heard Bryan hiss. "I know! " I hissed back. "It's my floor that lost somebody, dipshit! " I went to the window and looked out, trusting the rules that it was safe. I couldn't see anybody, but I couldn't see the whole courtyard, and who knew but what the Howler was invisible? I didn't let Bryan see the phone in my hand. Quickly, before I changed my mind, I pressed it flat against the glass and hit the power button, and held it there until the screen went back off. Grabbing my keys and my Crocs, I told Bryan, "I'm going downstairs. Don't fuck with my stuff. " I left the door unlocked on my way out; I don't really know if that mattered to the Howler or not. That was three days ago. Nobody's seen Bryan since. I thought if the Howler got Bryan, the spell or curse or whatever he put on the dorm would go away. But today the old pay phone rang again, and I barely stopped a kid from answering. So now I'm hoping somebody from the Circle, whoever they are, really will come talk to me. Maybe they can remove the curse. Does anybody on here know how to undo a curse like this? I haven't been able to get into Bryan's room, to see if he left any instructions or formulas or anything; maybe I can convince Mom Franks I left some personal stuff in there. Maybe from now on we'll have to give everyone in Millard a real list of rules. Update: I've met somebody from the Circle. DTS.

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Theatrical Release: January 23, 2020 Synopsis A Christian documentary diving into the sex trafficking industry in the U. S., exposing the darkness that fuels demand, highlighting survivors’ transformations through Christ, and showing Christ as the Hope for all involved. Dove Review Blind Eyes Opened shares alarming statistics that bring awareness to the underexposed human trafficking industry where women, girls, and boys are forcefully exploited. The film reveals that the U. S. is the largest consumer of human trafficking and focuses its message on changing that statistic. Through interviews with Christian ministries, law enforcement, lawmakers, and others, this documentary urges viewers to take action against the problem. The film also brings this issue to light through six brave women who share their personal experiences being sex-trafficked. Each of their stories are different, yet the same. Some were trafficked by family members, others by boyfriends, or someone they thought they could trust. All of them were children when they were first sexually abused, and each suffered for years being repeatedly sexually assaulted and beaten. All of them heroically survived the abuse and eventually discovered hope in Christ. None of them details what led them to accept Jesus, but they do highlight their transformation by God’s love and mercy. Today, each of them publicly shares her survivor story to help sex-trafficked victims, and some have even started their own ministries. The documentary focuses on finding solutions to stop this issue like reducing easy access to pornography—one of the main causes of conditioning that leads to human trafficking—and creating stricter punishment for perpetrators. The film also highlights finding better ways to help victims, like training medical personal and abortion clinic staff to identify possible victims and get them help. Another solution spotlighted in the film is providing education to children so they don’t become easy prey to perpetrators. The A21 Campaign ministry created a curriculum called Bodies Are Not Commodities that equips students with tools to combat human trafficking and is being used in some schools. The overarching theme of Blind Eyes Opened is a call to action. This film helps viewers gain a greater understanding of the human trafficking industry and urges them to get involved in fighting the issue. The film is mainly directed toward Christians to step up and do something to help against human trafficking, like raising awareness, getting involved in ministry, supporting survivors, and praying. Due to sexual content and intense subject matter, we are awarding our Dove Seal for the film’s informative and transformative message at 18+. The film’s powerful message and survivors’ stories need to be heard to help motive viewers to put a stop to this atrocity. The Dove Take: This Christian documentary’s shocking truths about the sex trafficking industry in the U. and heartbreaking testimonies are difficult to hear but a must-see for audiences 18 and older. Content Description Faith: Several Christian ministries share about their outreach programs to victims of human trafficking and encourage believers’ involvement; many references to Scripture are given. Integrity: Women who were victims of human trafficking learn about God’s mercy, accept Christ, and minister to others. Sex: Testimonies of forced underage sex, abortions and watching pornography are mentioned throughout the film. Language: Mentions of sexual language. Violence: Women tell their stories of being repeatedly beaten, verbally abused and sexually assaulted Drugs: Heavy drug use and drinking is mentioned; Cigarette smoking and drinking at a bar is shown Nudity: Women are shown wearing revealing clothing but it is blurred out. Other: Women tell their stories of lying, stealing and participating in illegal activity. Info Company: Ships of Tarshish Genre: Documentary Runtime: 115 min. Industry Rating: Not Rated Reviewer: Karen W.

Blind Eyes Opened.


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