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actor - Daniel Mays; ; Countries - UK; Description - Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption. Based on the novel by Mark Burnell, from director Reed Morano ("The Handmaid's Tale") and the producers of the James Bond film series, The Rhythm Section also stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown; Average ratings - 6 / 10; release date - 2020.

Free the rhythm section trailer. Free the rhythm section 11. Free the rhythm section 6. The rhythm section free. Free the rhythm section chart. 5 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. 3 February 2020 Format: Blu-ray After seeing mixed reviews of this my expectations were lowered quite a lot before going into the film and also considering that it was moved from February last year to November last year and then finally emerged in January of this year which is never a great sign. However I still had some hope that it would at least be an entertaining and possibly too harshly judged action thriller. The film follows a woman (Blake Lively) seeking revenge against those who planned the plant crash that killed her family. This had the potential to be a solid revenge/vigilante thriller but the film squanders it and you should pay attention to the majority of critic and audience reviews on this occasion as the film is not worth your time. If you were one of the 10 people that saw the film Anna last year, then you have basically seen (a better version) of this, and even that wasn’t good. The film’s plot takes what is a basic premise and makes it a convoluted constantly location changing mostly dull affair. The opening of section of the film actually starts off strongly. We catch up with Lively’s character Stephanie after the incident. She’s now, depressed, a drug addict and a prostitute as she encounters a reporter (Raza Jeffrey) who has been studying her case, which helps her gather information and then she heads to Scotland to meet with the mysterious B (Jude Law) who agrees to train her to take down those responsible. It’s from this point onwards where the film begins to head downhill. This whole section feels bizarre and rushed, we see her running and swimming etc. the learning to drive fast, fist fight (sort of) and shoot all in a few scattered scenes with no real sense of time passed, until B announces that she is ready for the field. Apparently this was supposed to have taken around 6 months but the film is edited poorly so it never seems like she has earned what she has learnt in combat. Speaking of combat there really isn’t too many fight sequences at all. There’s a couple of admittedly brutal scraps and but nothing very thrilling. However what I will say is there is a car chase that’s easily the highlight of the film, it’s all one continuous take and it’s genuinely thrilling and I thought someone else must have taken over the directors chair for that sequence alone. These sequences are so far apart in a film that definitely feels longer than it’s 1 hour 49 minute runtime due to poor pacing and excruciatingly slow and repetitive scenes of Lively looking miserable and flashbacks of her family. The characters are all uninteresting and not really likeable at all to be honest. Which is a shame because Lively gives a 100% here and really goes through a lot of physical trials as well. She goes from broken and beaten to confident and determined. However due to the script she just really isn’t likeable, with cringe foul mouthed line delivery at times and constant negativity. This is the same with Jude Law’s character even more so because we know basically nothing about him and doesn’t really have much of an impact or real presence on the plot despite him being key to helping Stephanie. Ironically The Rhythm Section has no consistent rhythm of its own. A poorly paced, generic and convoluted plot, featuring only real one impressive and intense action sequence. Lively gives it her all but the due to the script and some occasional poor line delivery her character really isn’t that likeable. Very forgettable and honestly just not worth watching. 6 February 2020 Format: Blu-ray After her family is tragically killed in a plane crash, Stephanie's life spirals out of control as she turns to drugs to cope with her loss and eventually ends up working the streets to feed her habit. When she is approached by a reporter who tells her the plane crash wasn't an accident and was actually a terrorist attack that has since been covered up she spirals down a completely different dark path, this time on one for vengeance. I really liked this story and thought Blake Lively was at the top of her game for this one. She looks almost unrecognisable in the role but is so suited to this character. The one thing that really stood out for me was how the character developed. You see some films of this nature about people seeking vengeance, they're trained up and suddenly they're an indestructible super-spy but this one felt a whole lot more real. Even after being put through her paces and training, Stephanie is still afraid, clumsy and rough when it comes to exacting her vengeance, there was nothing smooth and slick about these fights. There was also standout work on the filming of a tense car chase that was all filmed in one shot which gave the scene a sense of urgency and panic as our lead struggles to escape from the consequences of a sloppy execution. Anyhow, well worth seeing, engaging performances, decent soundtrack, well paced and would definitely watch again. 11 February 2020 Format: Blu-ray  Blake Lively is Stephanie Patrick a woman whose life was shattered by a cruel twist of fate. Her family died when a plane they were on exploded. The promising future gave way to drug addiction and prostitution. Until one day a reporter turns up and tells her that it wasn't fate but a terrorist who caused her grief. Stephanie ends up with disgraced MI6 agent B, played by Jude Law, and begins her training to get her vengeance. Even typing out that synopsis gets me all kinds of excited for the film until I remember the execution. The film makes all the wrong choices. Spending way too much time on Patrick in the doldrums giving Lively a sizzle reel of crying or being despondent. Even the training scenes which should a collection of exciting moments watching this character being broken and rebuilt is rather melancholic. The film has a dour and depressing feel to the proceedings. There is a lack of cohesion and logic to many scenes and this feels like a missed opportunity. Lively is pretty good and this is a case of something that should have been great but fades into obscurity of averageness! 5 February 2020 Format: DVD Man, am i sick of critics giving good films a slating. Last weekend it was Dolittle, today it was this film. Now, don't get me wrong, this is NOT the greatest film ever made, nor of its genre, but i enjoyed it nonetheless. Its kinda been done before, but i liked its grittiness. A great one shot car chase sequence, a strong, decent performance from Blake Lively who also delivers a good British accent. I enjoyed this film. My main beef is just the harsh criticism it has gotten. Not the best film ever, but a damn lot better than what critics and some people, are saying. If you like real world, gritty thrillers, make up your own mind. 7 February 2020 Format: DVD I can't review the DVD, because it hasn't been released; but having enjoyed the film so much at the cinema, I'm pre-ordering it.

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Free the rhythm section 4. Rhythm Section are proud to welcome London based production duo The Colours That Rise to their ranks with their newest single “Home Time”.  Comprised of producer duo Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams, The Colours That Rise have previously turned heads with 2017’s “2020” EP released on Breaker Breaker  (the label credited with breaking Ross From Friends).  Broadcasting signals from the darkest corners of the solar system, “Home Time” is heady brew of crisp, driving drums, psychedelic electronics and cruising synth lines. Full of atmospheric textures and cosmic soundscapes the track provides a taster of what’s to come in earth’s not too distant dystopian future. credit Home Time  Written by Mansur Brown, Yussef Dayes, Simeon Jones & Nathanael Williams  Drums: Yussef Dayes / Keys and Bass: Mansur Brown / Additional synths and tings by Simeon Jones & Nathanael Williams. BUY/STREAM.

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